5 Things Every Girl Wishes For on a Perfect First Date

#3 They want to eat. Hell hath no fury like a woman starved. Some girls don’t like having dinner on a first date, but a three-hour date usually necessitates some form of sustenance. You can get coffee with dessert, a burger after getting drinks from a bar or even a tub of popcorn while watching a movie. Make her happy by not keeping her hungry.

#4 They want to tell you about themselves. Everyone wants an audience. They want to be heard and they want to be reacted to. Don’t just talk about yourself in the hopes of impressing your date. Listen to them because they are more likely to be impressed by your attention, rather than you going on about your various achievements in life.

#5 They want to know that you like them. Compliment your date. Acknowledge what they’re saying. Make them feel special. It’s not that hard. It’s a little something extra that can make your date go smoother. Always remember that a little appreciation can go a long way.

It’s easy to give your date all of these things, but it has to be accompanied by a great atmosphere, a nice location and excellent company. You can’t just go out thinking that you can provide the things on this list with your wit and charm. You need to shell out or at least give the impression that you made a tremendous effort to impress your girl.


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