MOTO KAMA PASI!!! Mama Baha Of Machachari’s Have Pounds Upon Pounds Of Flesh In Bed With Citizen TV Anchor( Exclusive Leaked Photos):..EISH!!

mama baha uch

It was for a reason why the English man said “work without play makes jack a dull boy”

Well Citizen TV actress Wanjiku Mburu AKA Mama Baha decided to obey the saying and spared some of her earnings for a time out in the coastal region but without contreovercies and shame. The well endowed actress visited Malindi and decided to tease the ‘team mafisi’ members as she flaunted her fine toned body as she sun basked on the sandy beach. She was however caught in  shameful position as someoe took photos of her i bed with a popular male tv anchor…

See hot photos ON NEXT PAGE 2 below…


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