It is not about age-Don Zella defends fellow sugar mummies, wants young lads to respect them

Don Zella the mother of 4 likened herself to Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashians who is 60 years old with a 35-year-old boyfriend (toy boy) and the two are happily in a relationship, respecting each other.

“It’s not the age, its the reasoning capacity of a man & the respect how u treat a woman Chris Jenner of 60yrs with boyfriend Corey of 35 looks stunning” said Don Zella the Nyinimu singer “Men should learn how to respect women & act like gentle men. It shows where u where raised & responsibility. Women always feel safe & protected with such men they might not have much but the respect is enough.

Don Zella who looks not contented in her single status after being dumped by Big Eye who left her young fresh girls and ever since their separation in September 2015, every time Don Zella talks about relationships, she is ever lamenting.

“Age is just a number.” concluded Don Zella


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