LEO ATALALA NDANI! Babu Owino Arrested After STORMING Kilimani Police Station With His Supporters


SONU Chairman Babu Owino was arrested on Thursday morning for causing disturbance at Kilimani Police Station.


Reports indicate that the flamboyant student leader caused commotion at the station while demanding the release of businessman Chris Okeyo Obure.

Babu was accompanied by a group of supporters on the ‘mission’ and the six were arrested after shouting and hurling insults at the officers on duty.

Although details are scanty, The Star reports that they are being grilled before a decision is made on if to charge them or not.

The businessman whose release they had gone to demand was arrested on Wednesday 4th January for threatening to shoot revelers outside a Nairobi club.

Chris Okeyo Obure, 36, reportedly drew his pistol and threatened to shoot Ben Alila and his cousin when he was asked to move his Range Rover which had been double-parked.


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