These Are The 7 Most Expensive Schools In Kenya! (School Fees Per Term Can Buy You A New Car)


There are times when we are reminded the very statement Aden Duale made very famous; “Hii pesa si ya mamako bwana!” and you can’t even get mad. These would be the times when you are reminded that all you are doing is giggling to the bank.

I decided to undertake a small adhoc survey of the most expensive schools in Kenya. You know the ones where parents come visit their children in choppers? Indeed I am merely dwelling in Kenya.

I am talking about the schools that have children adopting accents that are neither British nor American and definitely not Kenyan. But while the accents are undecided, they are decidedly posh (by who?)


And so here they are, the 7 most expensive schools in the country and the rough estimate of how much it would cost to send your child to one of them:

#1. ISK


Here the fees get paid in nothing less than US dollars! And you can trust that this translates into alot of Kenya shillings! But from what I have been made to understand, most of the students who attend this school are either from diplomats’ families or the children of CEOs whose companies foot the bill.

ISK fee structure



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