I saw Whitney Houston,MICHAEL JACKSON, Gadhafi, OSAMA, some DEAD KENYAN Politicians in HELL and they gave me messages”-Woman narrates her 2nd visit to HELL….EXTREMELY SHOCKING DETAILS

He gave me message for Sierra Leone president. But when I met my Sierra Leone president, he loves God. He obeyed the message; I thank God for his life, because men of God were saying all sorts of things, but the president obeyed the message of God.

President Lasana Conte, former president of Guinea, he said, “Tell my people in Guinea, let them Jesus over Guinea, and let them turn to Jesus because Jesus is the only way.”
He said where he is, he doesn’t want anyone to be there, he said tell my people to believe and trust in Jesus, he said, he built a cult that he was sponsoring and he was also in the cult. He said, he wants the people to destroy that cult, let them come to Jesus.

And one famous Lawyer that died: Usher Williams, he was the deputy speaker of House of Parliament in Sierra Leone House of Parliament. He was in one cult, they call the cult in Sierra Leone “Louch” and he was in devil business, ordaining devils. He said I should tell his “Louch” brothers that they are heading to hell, all his cult brothers that died before him, he saw them in hell, he said “Please destroy louch, destroy these devils” he said, “turn to Jesus, He is the only way, hell is real”.

And then, I saw one prophet: Prophet Mani, he was the owner of the Burning Bush, that man said he would die but that he would also rise up after three days. And when he died, they took his body to the mortuary, his congregation said that they should not bury him, after three days he did not rise again, he was there for one month until the mortuary people said they should….continue reading

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